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We recommend to take at least 7 days in order to enjoy the islands to the full.

During transfers between the islands you will be able to fish by “trolling”. You can cook the catch in the yacht kitchen. Holiday-makers often catch tuna.

Transfers between the islands usually take 2-3 hours, so you will have a lot of time for sightseeing on the islands.

This route is without strong winds and waves, so it suits well for the tourists-beginners.


It is an island with very rich history. In the middle of the 20th century there were about 300 churches on the island, unfortunately, there are only 34 of them left at the moment.

Here you can taste a lot of various dishes and sweets made from pistachios. Ice-cream, marmalade, jam, and many other dishes. Pistachios lovers – it’s your island!

There are also several ancient temple complexes on the island: the temple of Apollo (VI century B.C.), ancient temple of Aphea (about 500 years B.C.). A very nice temple of Saint Nectarius is also located on the island.


A resort city on Peloponnesus peninsula. Natural geothermal sources on the peninsula have been known since 3 century before Christ (!). Due to still lasting activity of Methana volcano, there are a number of geothermal and hydrosulfuric sources in the city, which attract those, who wish to have a rest and treatment, here.


Another island with rich history. Poros was deemed to be the dwelling of the sea god Poseidon, in whose honor the temple was erected. Unfortunately, the temple has come to our days only as ruins. Enjoying the right of asylum, in IV century before Christ famous philosopher and orator Demosthenes was in hiding in the temple. He sheltered from murderers, sent by the ruler Antipatros, for appeals for struggle with Macedonian sand protection of Athenian freedoms. Not wishing to surrender in the murderers’ hands alive, Demosthenes took poison.

At the time of Russian-Turkish war a big Russian military marine base was located on the island; its ruins can also be seen now not far from the city of Neorio.


One of the most famous islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. There are no cars on the island and everyone rides horses, donkeys, bicycles. The famous port of Hydra is located around the harbor in the form of a half-moon. A lot of restaurants, caf?s and bars are glad to offer sea delicacies to you.

Among the places of interests on the island the following can be distinguished: bastions with weapons upon the entry to the port, various temples, and monasteries (Dormition of the Mother of God Monastery, Assumption of the Virgin Mary Monastery (XVII century), Temple of Holy Constantine Hydriot and others), museums, monuments. Even the most demanding tourist will find something to the taste


The city of Ermioni is one of the most picturesque cities of Peloponnesus. A lot of family restaurants and taverns are open for tourists. Wonderful beaches of Burloto, Kouvertas, Maderi will give a flush of positive emotions to you. Ermioni is famous for its seafood, so, try it! The nice pine reserve "Limnocastro Fermisias" is located nearby.


The main place of interest in the city is the ancient complex of Asklepion. The basic part of the complex is the ancient theater for 14 thousand seats, constructed in IV century B.C. Ancient Greeks believed that the power of art cures better than medicines. Dramatic performances aroused awe with the spectators, exultance, or fear, and as a result – purification (catharsis). The theater in a fine state of preservation allows to evaluate the genius of ancient masters: whisper from the stage can be heard even at the top rows.